60+ Tennis Champion Robert Betauer

This 60+ Tennis Champion from Oak Bay still has a Great Sports Career

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Did you think that tennis was game for the young? Well, this 60+ year-old tennis star can just prove you wrong!

Robert Bettauer from Oak Bay shows no signs of slowing down even after crossing the age of 60. The pro tennis player has won several titles and championships and is going to play in a number of events all through 2017. He is going strong and looks for playing for a number of years to follow.

He has multiple feathers in his cap, the recent one being the record win of B.C. Senior 60+ Championships two times in the single event. He is the winner several provincial titles, including 5 single titles and 4 doubles title. He has his presence also on the national level with a win at one national singles title along with another singles title in western Canada. He also has the reputation of representing Canada in the World Senior Team Championships for the last 7 years which in itself is an outstanding achievement.

Enjoying Tennis and Being a Pro!

Robert-BettauerBattauer takes the sport seriously but also utilizes it to have a good time. He says the championships are improving with each passing year and he enjoys playing with different people in the court. He also finds it great that he sometimes gets to play with other players with whom he had participated in tennis four decades back.

Tennis gives him a chance to enjoy the competition and socialize with other players over food and wine after the game is over. He had also coached the Canadian Olympic tennis team and Canada’s Davis Cup team for the Barcelona and Seoul Olympic Games.

The senior tennis champion also stresses the importance of sports in keeping the old people active which results in better physical, emotional and psychological well-being. Staying active by engaging in physical activities also acts as preventive health care and makes one healthy as they progress through old age, according to him. He also believes in contributing to the community and wants to do more for the game.

Keep Playing What You Love!

Keep Playing What You Love!Battauer has chosen tennis because of its accessibility and believes it is a perfect lifelong sport. Many people enjoy tennis, swimming, football and other kinds of sport but if you are gaming lover, you can easily entertain yourself spending some time on online casino websites or others.

The game is also well placed in the national and international arena so anyone can play professionally, including seniors. It is also a full body exercise and can be played both outdoor and indoor which makes it more accessible. There is a great chance for children to pick it up at an early age and make it a lifelong activity.

Apart from tennis, Battauer also used to play hockey when his family immigrated to Canada. His professional career in tennis began in 1978 when he won the Canadian National championship 3 times. Battauer also served at many important posts for various agencies including Tennis Canada, Canadian Sport Centre Ontario and others. He also worked as a sports consultant for multiple federal and provincial initiatives.