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Canadian Doctors come up with Special Protein Supplement for Seniors Preventing Muscle Loss

Seniors in Canada and all around the world can have a better and healthy lifestyle thanks to a bunch of doctors who came up with a special supplement for muscle loss.

Canada’s population consists of more old people than young ones and the timing cannot be more appropriate. The special protein supplement is meant just for old folks who have lost muscle strength and mass due to the aging and other factors. While running has several advantages, including an improvement in mental health – it makes your body release chemicals which lighten your mood- you won’t be able to do that once you’ve passed your middle ages.

Keeping Fit When You Aren’t Young

It has been seen that by the age of 40, people begin to encounter this muscle loss which becomes quite significant as one enters the senior years. Known by the name of sarcopenia, it affects 40% to 70% of Canadian older population and is linked with other risks like falling, loss of mobility and motion. It can also be the cause for other diseases like metabolic diseases which come with the gradual loss of muscle mass and strength.

The doctors at the McMaster University had come up with a readily drinkable formula to develop a protein supplement which will help regain muscle mass and strength in older people. It will also go on to prevent the gradual deteriorations of the muscle and help increase in mobility.

But only drinking the supplement will not bring the desired results; the patients will also have to take part in a suitable exercise program. Nutrition and exercise both are the pillars of a better health in old age, according to Dr. Kirsten Bell, one of the authors of the study that tested the formula. Exercise routines like resistance training and high-intensity interval training should be incorporated with the supplement if the desired results are to be achieved.

Effectiveness of the Protein Supplement

The results are quite impressive too. Participants taking the protein supplement gained 700 grams of lean body mass in 6 weeks. It is quite significant because that is the total amount of muscle mass lost by a senior over the period of one year. Further developments were noticed when exercise was incorporated into the routine of the participants including increased strength and better performance of fitness activities.

The formula can be a ground breaking product and used in old age homes and care facilities where older population is suffering from sarcopenia and muscle loss. It is the first time that doctors anywhere have developed such a supplement combining whey protein, fish oil, creatine, calcium and vitamin D.

Most of the protein supplements found in the market come with only whey protein and also do not contain required proteins and other essential ingredients. This one is specially developed by the experts in the industry and contains essential nutrients that can go a long way in preventing and treating sarcopenia in seniors.

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This 60+ Tennis Champion from Oak Bay still has a Great Sports Career

Did you think that tennis was game for the young? Well, this 60+ year-old tennis star can just prove you wrong!

Robert Bettauer from Oak Bay shows no signs of slowing down even after crossing the age of 60. The pro tennis player has won several titles and championships and is going to play in a number of events all through 2017. He is going strong and looks for playing for a number of years to follow.

He has multiple feathers in his cap, the recent one being the record win of B.C. Senior 60+ Championships two times in the single event. He is the winner several provincial titles, including 5 single titles and 4 doubles title. He has his presence also on the national level with a win at one national singles title along with another singles title in western Canada. He also has the reputation of representing Canada in the World Senior Team Championships for the last 7 years which in itself is an outstanding achievement.

Enjoying Tennis and Being a Pro!

Battauer takes the sport seriously but also utilizes it to have a good time. He says the championships are improving with each passing year and he enjoys playing with different people in the court. He also finds it great that he sometimes gets to play with other players with whom he had participated in tennis four decades back.

Tennis gives him a chance to enjoy the competition and socialize with other players over food and wine after the game is over. He had also coached the Canadian Olympic tennis team and Canada’s Davis Cup team for the Barcelona and Seoul Olympic Games.

The senior tennis champion also stresses the importance of sports in keeping the old people active which results in better physical, emotional and psychological well-being. Staying active by engaging in physical activities also acts as preventive health care and makes one healthy as they progress through old age, according to him. He also believes in contributing to the community and wants to do more for the game.

Keep Playing What You Love!

Battauer has chosen tennis because of its accessibility and believes it is a perfect lifelong sport. Many people enjoy tennis, swimming, football and other kinds of sport but if you are gaming lover, you can easily entertain yourself spending some time on online casino websites or others.

The game is also well placed in the national and international arena so anyone can play professionally, including seniors. It is also a full body exercise and can be played both outdoor and indoor which makes it more accessible. There is a great chance for children to pick it up at an early age and make it a lifelong activity.

Apart from tennis, Battauer also used to play hockey when his family immigrated to Canada. His professional career in tennis began in 1978 when he won the Canadian National championship 3 times. Battauer also served at many important posts for various agencies including Tennis Canada, Canadian Sport Centre Ontario and others. He also worked as a sports consultant for multiple federal and provincial initiatives.

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Ladner Gymnastic Club sets Bright Example for Senior Health and Fitness

The health and fitness of seniors in Canada are receiving a boost thanks to the efforts of some organizations. They have come up with plans to help the seniors lead a better and improved life without getting stuck with the ill consequences of a sedentary lifestyle that generally develops with old age.

Delta Gymnastics: What Is It?

One such initiative recently caught the headlines and involves a gymnastics club from Ladner. Delta Gymnastics has begun a unique program to keep the seniors active and healthy who become a part of the Legend’s team. The initiative targets seniors of age 50 and over and provides them a safe and thought out the environment to take part in enjoyable and constructive social activities. The main objective is to promote fitness and activity among the old population which is the key to a better quality life, according to Ana Arciniega, executive director of Delta Gymnastics.

How Do They Help?

The team makes sure that they provide the seniors every kind of support they need to attain functional fitness which can lead to a prolonged healthy life, improved psychological activity, and better lifestyle. Carlene Lewall, who is a part of the Gymnaestrada team and a loyal member, found the sessions to improve her balance and take part in activities with her grandchildren. The physiotherapist of another senior member Patti White found that her back and core was strengthened after becoming a part of the initiative.

Delta Gymnastics has been able to help out a number of seniors with their program through forms like Gymnaestrada, which blends gymnastics, dance, and acrobatics. It is a non-competitive form of gymnastics and participants focus on individual performance which makes it enjoyable. The club also has the Gymnaestrada team who are set to take part in the National Gymnaestrada in Richmond Oval in July next year. The final aim is to make their way to represent Canada nationally in the 2019 Austria World Gymnaestrada.


How Did It Help?

Delta Gymnastics was able to carry out this initiative with the help of Canada’s New Horizons Seniors Program Grant. The grant is meant for community-based projects which involve seniors and enables them to bring a change in the life of others. Initiatives which promote the overall well-being of the senior population and help them in leading a better life through approaches like community involvement qualify for federal funding upon fulfilling certain requirements. Through the funding, organizations can receive up to $25,000 each year for projects based in pan-Canadian regions.

A better life is only possible for the seniors when they are allowed to take part in meaningful activities related to their health and community. Canada needs more of such initiatives following the lead of Delta Gymnastics to keep its senior population fit and healthy.