Bingo and Casino Games for Ontario Seniors

The casino and its various games are always popular with the general public age 55+. However, it has been proven that only luck is a guarantee of success, as in the case of the Bingo. Between the noise of the slot machines, the shouts and laughter of the people, the evening clothes, the multiple colours, from the gaming mats to the carpets, through the neon lights of the slot machines, the casino is a pleasure for the eyes and the senses. 

Bingo and Casino Games for Ontario Seniors

But the casino is first and foremost the temple of gambling and entertainment, where nothing goes wrong, and almost everything is allowed. Today we take you to this magical place to discover the most popular casino games for Ontario seniors.

Popular Casino Games for Seniors

An elderly man won on a slot machine

All the iconic casino games can be found on our site: blackjack, roulette, poker and craps.

Slot Machines

If you like casino slots, then slot machines are for you! Following the same principle as slot machines, you must try to get three identical symbols in the game grid. Discover the different design atmospheres in Slot machine games.


Have you always wanted to spin the roulette wheel at the casino? Bet money on the right number and win up to 36 times your bet. You choose the number of chips you want to put on the table, and you can start the game with ease. Then spin the wheel, and off you go!

Card Games

Not afraid to make choices and take risks? Is this game for seniors? Try to beat the dealer by getting the best hand without going over 21 (how to play). Even though there is always some luck involved in this game, work out your strategy to beat the machine and win.

The Best Canadian Land-based Casinos for Seniors

Ajax1-866-445-393950 Alexander’s Crossing
Elements Mohawk905-854-40539430 Guelph Line
Gateway in Thunder Bay807-766-790050 Cumberland St. South, Thunder Bay
Gateway519-672-5394900 King Street London
Windsor800-991-7777377 Riverside Drive East
Woodbine416-213-2216555 Rexdale Boulevard
Rama1-800-832-75295899 Rama Rd
Niagara1-888-325-57885705 Falls Ave.

Bingo senior games

seniors play bingo

Learn the rules of Bingo! This popular game of chance is played with family, friends and large gatherings of enthusiasts.

The object of the bingo game is to be the first player to complete the entire number grid.

To play Bingo, a senior player must have:

– Bingo cards with 25 numbers on them

– Balls numbered from 1 to 75

– Chips to cover the numbers on the card

Best Bingo Hall Listings in Ontario

How to Play and Get Bingo

Players are given one or more bingo game cards consisting of 25 squares containing random numbers between 1 and 75. Each time the organizer draws a number, he or she says the number out loud to the players so that they can mark it played on their bingo cards. To assist the players, the host may say under which “B I N G O” column the number can be found (e.g. B-4, I-16… ).

The atmosphere of competition does not interest all seniors. But if you are fond of spending time actively, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the rules of 5 Pin Bowling and 10 Pin Bowling. It’s the game review, which attracts participants of any age, including 55+ Seniors.

5 Pin Bowling in Canada

The player checks his bingo card to see if the numbers drawn are in the boxes on his card. If the number is on the card, the player identifies it with a pencil, marker or bingo stamp. Coins may also be put on the boxes to mark them as played. The player continues to mark the numbers on their card until one player manages to form a line of 5 consecutive squares, “making a BINGO”. You can form a bingo in any direction (horizontal, vertical, diagonal).

bingo combinaisons

How do You Win a Bingo Game?

You must be the first player to have your bingo grid completed. The player must then call out Bingo! If the grid is verified as correct, the player has won.