What you should about 55 BC Games

What you should know about 55+ BC Games: main points

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The BC 55+ games are organized by the BC Senior Games Society. The main aim of the society is to make sure that the health and lifestyle of the all the 55+ age citizens of the province are improved by indulging these individuals in games and other physical activities.

The social life of such elderly citizens is taken to the next level with these games. The best part of the games is that it allows the participants to showcase their skills in different gaming areas. The community awareness is also spread by the gaming society to make sure that they get the best out of such individuals. The main aim of the society is to make sure that the 55+ age citizens are made active and productive part of the society. The health and social benefits of the games are also highly engaging and therefore the participants from all over BC get themselves registered for this awesome event.

Qualifying rounds

The qualifying rounds of the games will be held in New Brunswick. The normal or the first time participants will also be eligible to come into action. The society, however, gives the preference to the medal winners so that the level and the quality of the gaming can be maintained. The qualifying rounds are not only for this series but the medal winners of this season will also take part in Canada 55+ games and Brampton Games as well. The record of the society is awesome and the last batch which was sent to the Canada 55+ games won 15 medals in total.

The Sponsors

The 55+ BC games are sponsored by all large brands of the country and according to the sponsors it is their corporate and social responsibility to sponsor such events. There are three major sponsors of the games this season. Air Canada is the first sponsor which will be providing the travelers to the 55+ BC games special discounts and offers. This year the 55+BC games will be held in Kimberley/Cranbrook and next year i.e. in 2019 the games will be held in Kelowna. Rio Tinto is the second important sponsor of the game which will be providing the games with all the medals they need for the participants.

Sports rules

Sports rules

It is highly advised to all the participants to visit the official website of 55+ BC games and get to know more about the rules which are related to different gaming events. The PDF can also be downloaded to make sure that the rules are studied thoroughly. There are 25 events in total which will take place and the participants will compete for the medal and 55+ Canada games. Some rules are revised and therefore it is highly advised to all to go through the rules to avoid any problem.

The Bottom Line

The 55+ citizens of BC should make sure that the events are at least witnessed as a participant. It will make sure that for the next year new individuals become ready and fresh participation is fostered.